Unity / Tech Demo / C# ( work in progress )


Classic 2D top-down shooter game. Important things in this one:

  • Making prefabs for all game entities
  • Combining prefabs to make more complex enemies
  • Make sure all entities can 'talk' to each other.
  • Network coop game. Works on experimental level.

Download: Zip for Windows

Web player : Here

Unity / Game / C#

Ouija Board

Ouija board simulation.

Play store: Here

Download: ZIP for Windows

Web player: Here

Unity / Tech Demo / C#


Arkanoid remake / prototype game. Goals for this one were:

  • To implement level generator. Generator uses two dimensional array as map to generate level. Every item in array represents one block and can be one of several block types. "Pills" are generated randomly on all block types, except on indestructible ones
  • To load level maps either from local storage or network
  • To enable player to edit levels

Download: APK for Android, ZIP for Windows

Unity / Tech Demo / C#


Classic game prototype. Goals

  • Control particle systems from code, according to user input
  • Make movement smooth and natural
  • Auto-generate infinite level

Download: APK for Android, Zip for Windows

Web Player: Here

Unity  / Tech Demo / C#, PHP, MySQL


Fastk click / type game. Goals:

  • To make one-click came
  • To make online 'hall of fame' using PHP and MySQl

Google Play Store: Here

Unity / Tech Demo/ C#


Roulette simulation. Main goal:

  • Became acquainted with casino games - roulette.

Download: Zip for Windows

Web player: Here


Unity / Tech Demo / C#


Slot game prototype. Goal in this one:

  • Became acquainted with slot games and mechanics involved
  • If used on stand-alone machine, allow operator / owner  to adjust wining odds simply by editing external file.

Download: ZIP for Windows